Hi,I am Mars. I have 2-3 years of experience in data science, include NLP and Recommender System, and Martech knowledge. My Tech Blog: https://marssu.coderbridge.io/

  1. NLP in augmentation, use HuggingFace and Deep Learning Framework(tensorflow2, pytorch) to pretrain and finetune Bert MaskedLM and compare GPU, TPU Training Performance.
  2. the analysis and prediction of users’ online and offline behavior, including browsing analysis, churn analysis, etc.In addition, I also used NLP (ex. TF-IDF) and recommendation system (ex. CF, DeepFM) technologies to make applications, including user tags, product and channel recommendations, as marketing aids.

In addition to experience in data science and analysis, I also used the work content involved in back-end development and the design of cloud big data architecture. The tools and technologies I am familiar with are as follows:


  • National Taiwan University of Science and Technology - Master’s degree in Information Management.
  • National Changhua University of Education - Bachelor’s degree in Information Management.

Work Experience and Title

  • Gogolook (whoscall) - Machine Learning Engineer / Data Engineer
  • Wavenet - Data Scientist
  • adGeek - Advertising Artificial Intelligence Engineer


  • AWS Cloud Practitioner
  • AWS Solutions Architect - Associate

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